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In this webinar Joy Dickinson discusses Oregon’s top 5 foundations, answers common questions and provides a plan for grant seeking success. 

Boys and Girls Club of Salem, Marion and Polk Counties' Strategic Plan: This planning process was driven by local data, informed by national best practices, and led by a devoted committee of staff and board members. The result was clarity for the next two years around four key priorities. 

Wildlife Safari's 2019-2024 Strategic Plan: This plan analyzed five years of organizational data trends and engaged Wildlife Safari's board of directors, dozens of staff members, and hundreds of park volunteers and guests in a robust planning process. The end result was a unified plan built around the organization's mission, vision, values and six key priorities for the next five years. 

CORA's Housing Action Plan: Ms. Dickinson and Domestic Violence Housing First expert Kris Billhardt, led CORA through a process to: guide CORA in an analysis of its Safe House and Housing Programs; determine CORA's fidelity to DV Housing First; explore ways to further integrate CORA’s housing programs with countywide housing initiatives; and assist in developing a plan to redesign our housing program in alignment with best practices in the DV Housing First field and in light of San Mateo County’s affordable housing crisis.

Healthy Beginnings and Healthy Communities Collaborative of Marion and Polk Counties: Ms. Dickinson led this 30+ member collaborative through a two year project which achieved the following outcomes: (1) Improved Partnerships: Over 24 collaborative meetings we explored barriers to childhood health in Marion/Polk Counties, improved partnerships, shared resources, and increased understanding of common goals and interests. (2) Increased Community Engagement: Ms. Dickinson led collaborative partners through the implementation of 12 focus groups designed to systematically listened to a divers set of parents and youth to hear their ideas for improving the health of children and families. (3) Collaborative self-analysis: Ms. Dickinson led the collaborative through the completion of the University of Colorado at Denver PARTNER survey which uses the principles of social network analysis to measure the strength of connections in a collaborative, evaluates how people are positioned within the network, and assess the quality and impact of the exchanges among them. (4) Increased Capacity: Ms. Dickinson coordinated training sessions on: Strengthening Families protective factors, Collective Impact, Social Determinants of Health, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the World Cafe's Community Cafe model.

Speaking and Training: Ms. Dickinson spoke at the Salem Chamber Area Chamber of Commerce's Power Hour dedicated to entrepreneurs and anyone who has taken that leap (or wants to) to start your own business. For information about having Joy speak at your next event, contact her at

New Animal Health Center in Rural Oregon: With the help of Dickinson Development Consulting, Wildlife Safari in Roseburg, Oregon recently completed its new Animal Health Center! Read more here.

CORA's Outcome Evaluation Project: Interested in learning how one non-profit is improving the social and emotional well-being of victims of domestic violence? This report describes the outcomes from a 2-year evaluation project that Dickinson Development Consulting completed with Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse: click here for the full report.

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