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Prospect Research: Receive an extensive list of potential funding sources that match your organization’s missions, goals and activities.

Grant Writing: Clearly written grant proposals, specific to your organization and written to the funder’s priorities, requirements and guidelines.

Proposal Review and Editing: Reviews proposals (written by you) prior to submission to ensure completeness and overall fit with the funding guidelines.

Grant Management: Support at every stage of the pre-award and post-award process: proposal writing, submission, contract negotiation, and report writing.

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Fundraising Strategy

Whether you need a strategic plan for raising your annual fund, a well crafted ask for your next major donor meeting or a plan to increase revenue through donor friendly events, corporate engagement, and social media, this service will analyze your organization's current fundraising efforts and develop short and long term plans for increased revenue.

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Strategic Planning

A core component of any effective nonprofit is a practical strategic plan, developed by your board, with input from your staff and partners, and with resources available in mind. Dickinson Development Consulting guides this process, professionally and objectively.